Briffault's Passchendaele surveys the First World War from the perspective of the Modernist artists and writers caught up in its madness. The scene is observed by a battlefield medical officer turned novelist, and considered from the vantage point of our own times. Various genres of sympathy illuminate the wide range of transformations the war imposed on our Modern era.

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Set in ancient Palestine during the dangerous Roman occupation and Jewish rebellion, That Boy from Nazareth weaves a suspenseful coming-of-age adventure in which God reveals to a young Jesus his true identity as the Son of God. Powerful opposing forces pursue him using any means necessary to find the boy and either kill him or use him for their own nefarious purposes. 
      Rich with captivating detail, this compelling, fast-paced adventure, told through the characters who later define Jesus’ life in the Gospels, is filled with suspense, humor, and intriguing dialogue that lend a new and real sense of humanity to the story of how a twelve-year-old boy from a humble family in a Galilean town was given the power to change the world.