"The action and adventure at the end of the book is like a train racing downhill; I thoroughly enjoyed the ride."

"I had an emotional reaction to this story, sometimes being choked up by the simple wisdom being presented."

The book makes Him more personal: it actually made me think of the Bible less as a history lesson and more like a story."

"What the author does really right is craft a believable Jesus."

"An adventure/thriller, appealing and relatable characters, lots of exciting action, and intelligent and thought-provoking story."

What readers are saying about That Boy from Nazareth—

March 3, 2015 Release

370 pages

Hardcover      ISBN 978-0-945213-43-7   $24.99

Paperback      ISBN 978-0-945213-50-5   $15.99

E Book           ISBN 978-0-945213-42-0    $ 9.99

That Boy from Nazareth

Set in ancient Palestine during the dangerous Roman occupation and Jewish rebellion, That Boy from Nazareth weaves a suspenseful coming-of-age adventure in which God reveals to a young Jesus his true identity as the Son of God. Powerful opposing forces pursue him using any means necessary to find the boy and either kill him or use him for their own nefarious purposes.  

Rich with captivating detail, this compelling, fast-paced adventure, told through the characters who later define Jesus’ life in the Gospels, is filled with suspense, humor, and intriguing dialogue that lend a new and real sense of humanity to the story of how a twelve-year-old boy from a humble family in a Galilean town was given the power to change the world.

Rudi Publishing

Joel Gordonson, before becoming a novelist, has enjoyed a career as an international attorney. He holds law degrees in the United States and from the University of Cambridge.  

Gordonson’s family tree includes a long line of ministers, including a great-grandfather who emigrated from Europe in 1860 to become a missionary on the American western frontier. It is this lineage that influenced the subject of his first novel, That Boy from Nazareth.